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Show Slow now automatically monitors your URLs!

I’ve been dreaming about this for a while now and then Aaron and I were working on different parts of the system which allowed that to happen and now it’s possible! Please welcome automated YSlow and Page Speed monitoring using … Continue reading

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Fast Apache by default

After using drop-in .htaccess file in a few of my projects I realized that people have problems with it because their Apache doesn’t have the modules enabled. Then I realized that apache doesn’t have any of those three modules (mod_deflate, … Continue reading

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Release 0.6: redesign, server-side smoothing, SVN-assets and testing

Release 0.6 is packed with new stuff – first of all, smoothing that was originally implemented in JavaScript was too slow and got moved to server side in PHP code so now results are still smooth, but not clogging down … Continue reading

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Speed up your site – drop in .htaccess file

It’s very important to speed up your web sites so you don’t loose the users. That being said, many tasks in the checklists from Yahoo or Google are quite complex and are hard to grasp for people who didn’t work … Continue reading

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