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ShowSlow 0.9 with support for PageSpeed 1.9 beacons

Upcoming PageSpeed 1.9 has a few new rules implemented and ShowSlow needs to keep up. Welcome ShowSlow 0.9 with updated beacon. New rules displayed include: Avoid CSS @import Avoid document.write Combine images using CSS sprites Prefer asynchronous resources Just follow … Continue reading

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ShowSlow 0.8: now tracking WebPageTest reports

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been using WebPageTest a lot lately – having a web-based app always available makes wonders! Testing one page over and over again is quite common when working on optimization for a particular site … Continue reading

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Performance as competitive advantage

Sometimes it’s hard to quantify the benefits of performance improvements. Many tools try to show you data and many rule-based tests and best practices exist to describe the goals, but there is still no clear connection in business people’s heads … Continue reading

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Philip Tellis at NY Web Performance, September 15

Summer is over, we’re all vacation-recharged and it’s time for some serious Web Performance! Come out of your sleepy summer mood and join us for next New York Web Performance session. September 15 at 5:45PM (time is updated) at Logicworks: … Continue reading

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Drop-in .htaccess is now on Github. Go fork it!

A few people got interested in drop-in web performance .htaccess file so I decided to move it to a separate project on Github and invite all of you to participate in building a simple solution for web site performance that … Continue reading

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