Measuring Web Performance Using Google Spreadsheets

I went to Google Apps Hackathon the other week with the intention of adding Google Apps Marketplace support to my Startup API project, but quickly realized that time of the event does not allow for a serious undertaking like that and ended up developing using Google Appscript.

My team of Web Speeders developed an awesome application of Google Documents and Google Page Speed API that shows the power of Web based spreadsheets and API-based performance analysis.

We called the app SpeedSheet – it works as follows:

  1. you collect page URLs from the users using a regular Google Spreadsheet form:
  2. these URLs end up in the spreadsheet powered by Google Docs
  3. this spreadsheet has some code in JavaScript (App Script) that is executed using form submit trigger every time new URL is entered into a form
  4. this code makes a call to Google Page Speed API and retrieves overall score inserting it back into a spreadsheet next to a URL entered
  5. then to make it visually appealing, Google Charts API is used to draw a Google-o-meter for a score

You can see result in a spreadsheet:

Team Web Speeders worked hard, we wrote the whole thing at the hackathon and got 3rd place in “new applications” category – Zombie Survival Guide (if you ask me, author is crazy and not just a comedian).

I’d like to thank people who joined the team and coded away with me:

Thanks to the team for daring!

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