ShowSlow 0.18: Support for Google Page Speed Online API and more

This Monday at Google I/O, Page Speed team announced new Page Speed Online API.

I was given a chance to work on it before it was released to general public and was very happy to get such a tool as it make it the easiest option when it come to setting up ShowSlow instance with automated testing.

Basically, all you need to do is to call a beacon URL when you need to run Page Speed test and store results in ShowSlow. Data is stored in the same tables as browser extension beacon data and works pretty smoothly.

Configuration is pretty easy, check out documentation on the wiki or just open /beacons/pagespeed/ on your instance for auto-documentation.

I hope to add UI for it and integrate it with URL adding interface in a near future.

Here’s a full list of things released in ShowSlow 0.18:

  • Google Page Speed Online API support
  • WebPageTest visual comparison can now be done right from details page (№21)
  • Custom metrics (№18) and cross-hair numbers in Flot charts (№16)
  • DB port configuration option by Russell Davis (№25)
  • crc32 PHP replacement by Russell Davis (№24)
  • Fix for null values in data2.php
  • Page Speed values are optional now (n/a instead of zeros)
  • Indexes on url_id in metric tables for better performance

Follow upgrade instructions if you already have an instance running:

Download the code package:

and install it:

Let me know if you’ll have troubles upgrading and don’t forget to create issues and vote for bugs in the issue tracker:

And please introduce yourself on our mailing list and feel free to ask questions:


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