ShowSlow 0.15: Now using only DBUpgrade

Managing database was a bit confusing before and you had to both load tables.sql and then run make to initialize DB schema.

DBUpgradeNow, I moved all database setup into dbupgrade.php so starting with ShowSlow 0.15 new users can just run make when they configured the database settings.

Some people showed confusion about make process as a whole (not very surprising for LAMP-based tool) so if you used tarball/zip packages to get the code and can’t get yourself to run make from a command line, you can just open dbupgrade.php and user/dbupgrade.php to run the upgrade. It’s not a recommended way to upgrade, because there might be more stuff to run in the future and make is still best.

More documentation can be found here:

Frankly, make is pretty simple to use, but I understand why it can be harder to grasp. I’ll try to work on zero-friction installation and DB initialization in the future, but meanwhile, dbupgrade.php is simple enough.

Also in 0.15, I added HAR link beacon so you don’t have to store HAR file in the database, but can link just to the URL of HAR file.

In addition to that, starting from 0.14, ShowSlow got some style fixes on details pages (no more strange large fonts), WebPageTest API keys and finally a license file.

Just follow upgrade instructions if you already have an instance running:

Or you can download code package:

and install it:

Let me know if you’ll have troubles upgrading and don’t forget to vote for bugs in the issue tracker:

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