ShowSlow 0.16: Moved to Github, fixed event display problems,

ShowSlow lived on Google code hosting for a while and I was very reluctant to move as they provided good hosting and issue tracker, but git’s model of social coding has more advantages in my view and reduces the effort for contributors and maintainers.

So we moved to git from subversion and you can go ahead follow and fork it on Github!

It’s obviously a good time to make another release as there were a couple helpful fixes since the previous one.

Release 0.16:

  • Worked around Timeplot’s bug causing custom events not to work
  • Hidden custom lists
  • UserBase’s admin uses it’s own authentication
  • Added WebPageTest test and URL search activity tracking

Just follow upgrade instructions if you already have an instance running:

Or you can download code package:

and install it:

Let me know if you’ll have troubles upgrading and don’t forget to vote for bugs in the issue tracker:

And please introduce yourself on our mailing list and feel free to ask questions:

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