now fully on Amazon AWS

Not sure if you noticed, hopefully not, but‘s test workers have been running on Amazon AWS for quite a while now.

These workers are running a custom “Phantom of the cloud” image I built to run PhantomJS-based work (hope to release it to public soon). You can see the code for ShowSlow workers on Github. They useĀ Amazon SQS to schedule jobs on a daily basis and execute PhantomJS version of YSlow and Google’s PageSpeed Insights API.

AWS is probably an ideal tool for such kind of work – we use auto-scaling functionality to scale the amount of workers up and down for daily tests (there is always one needed to handle just-added URLs).

And today, after a few days of data cleanup and AWS configuration, web site and blog are now also run on Amazon’s EC2 with database hosted on Amazon RDS. I hope this will allow us to scale (up and out) as demand will increase.

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