Show Slow The Big One-O!

After 2+ years of development, Show Slow finally reached a 1.0 milestone!

Download it now!

We worked hard to add more beacons, more features and just did a redesign!

To outline major new things that were building up to the 1.0 release:

  • Checkboxes to graph any metric that is being tracked so you can pick and choose!
  • Support for Flot, new charting library that does better job at visualizing the data and allowed us to add more interactivity (thanks, Kai)
    ShowSlow graph using Flot library
  • Support for automation using Google Page Speed API (thanks, Bryan)
  • Quick WebPageTest run with remembering the test history and visual comparison for recorded tests (Pat, thanks for the API)
  • New design with better colors and style (thanks, Corey)
  • and many more minor changes and bugfixes

And as before, Show Slow supports, YSlow, Page Speed (both, extension and now API) and dynaTrace AJAX beacons as well as HAR beacon, custom metric beacons (for all your custom data) and last, but not least, event records to annotate the timeline with information about code releases, configuration changes and so on so you can make most sense of your web performance information.

That being said, it’s very easy to add more tools to the mix – if you have a tool that can provide useful data for web performance tracking, it is a good candidate for inclusion into Show Slow. If you have questions, just ask them on the mailing list or just go and contribute your changes!

A few months ago we also moved to Git and are hosted on Github now. This means that it became much easier for members of our community to supply patches and I’d like to thank them all for doing so and invite you all to go and fork the project – it’s easy to make your changes without the fear of breaking stuff and even easier to participate in open source community around Show Slow!

Our project would not be possible without, the public demo instance and I’d like to thank everyone who’s helping out with it: Aaron Kulick for running YSlow and Page Speed testing farm, Alois Reitbauer and Andreas Grabner from dynaTrace AJAX team for running their test farm and for sponsoring some of the development for the project.

Don’t forget to grab your schwag:

And I hope to see many of you at Velocity next week and will be happy to answer any questions about Show Slow!

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