YSlow 2.0 and ShowSlow 0.2 with updated beacon

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Just a few days ago I wrote first version of ShowSlow and then released it Open Source.

But progress is unstoppable and Yahoo! released long-awaited YSlow 2.0 so it’s time for ShowSlow 0.2.

This means that I’m sitting down and analyzing Beacon parameters to make sure ShowSlow can collect data properly – so here’s the list of parameters that YSlow 2.0 is sending with the beacon (actual set of y* parameters depends on the profile used – ydefault sends them all):

Once again, to configure YSlow to send your data to a beacon, you need to set a couple configuration parameters on about:config page of your browser:

for YSlow 1.x

  • extensions.firebug.yslow.beaconUrl = http://www.showslow.com/beacon/yslow/
  • extensions.firebug.yslow.optinBeacon = true

for YSlow 2.x

  • extensions.firebug.yslow.beaconUrl = http://www.showslow.com/beacon/yslow/
  • extensions.firebug.yslow.optinBeacon = true

Where beacon URL is either public: http://www.showslow.com/beacon/yslow/ (your measurements will be shown to public so please make sure you’re OK with it before you use it) or private URL on your instance which you can get here: http://code.google.com/p/showslow/source/checkout.

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2 Responses to YSlow 2.0 and ShowSlow 0.2 with updated beacon

  1. Stoyan says:

    Thanks for the tool, Sergey!

    This is so cool


  2. Thanks, Stoyan! I’m glad you liked it! I hope to reserve the right to bug you about integration ;)

    BTW, can you go into any detail about how Yahoo! uses YSlow beacons?

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